Rubber Gate Seals

Our rubber gate seals are used around the world in the hydro and power generation industries. Projects include locks and dams, waterworks, irrigation, fish mitigation, and flood protection. These products, particularly our Huntington Brand rubber gate seals, are respected for their performance and durability. With extensive on-site tooling, we’re able to respond quickly and cost effectively in most applications.

  • Bulb & Tail

    Bulb & Tail, J Bulb,
    Music Note

  • Center Dome

    Center Dome

  • Flat & Bullnose

    Flat & Bullnose

  • Wicket Gate Seals, Drill Punches


  • L-Type

    L-Type / Waterstop

  • Rental Program

    Rental Program

  • Block & Tail

    Block & Tail