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Manufacturing & Fabrication

At Seals Unlimited, our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities make us an ideal partner to create solutions that work.

With presses ranging in size from very small to 12' long, we are able to create cost-effective parts with rapid response times. Our low minimum quantities allow us to provide everything from prototypes to full-production molded/extruded rubber parts.

Need a custom solution? Not a problem, our technical knowledge allows us to create assembled products to your specific requirements. These custom solutions can be produced in prototype or short-run volumes, with the ability to ramp up the production scale.

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Technical Expertise

The technical knowledge required to produce rubber parts that seal, protect, and cushion is something a company must learn. Over our many years in the industry, we’ve become experts in everything from large seals used in power generation to the tiniest rubber parts found in computers and high tech equipment.

We use this knowledge to solve problems quicker and to create more effective solutions. Much of what we've learned can be found in the Knowledge Center or you can always speak with one of our experts.

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Engineering Assistance

Seals Unlimited can help engineer cut, extruded, & molded rubber solutions in a variety of ways. If we are replacing a part, we can reverse engineer it. Oftentimes we’ve seen your problem before and have already made the appropriate tooling. Or, if you are creating a new solution, we can work with your engineers to design a custom part whose physical properties meet your performance and cost requirements.

Research, Brainstorm, Deliver

Our Custom Solution Process

To fabricate custom parts, we start by learning everything we can about your application — tolerances, desired material properties, operating conditions, CAD files if you have them, and even samples. Then we work together to determine how to produce the part to achieve maximum performance. Finally, you tell us how many you need, your packaging requirements, how soon you need them, and we deliver.

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Customer Service

At Seals Unlimited, we take pride in exceeding expectations — not only in product performance, but in response time, in speed of delivery, and in technical knowledge. Our team members are problem solvers and materials experts, and can provide engineering consultation and technical assistance for a wide variety of applications in any industry.

Have a question right now? Click on the “Ask the Experts” button found on every page of this site. Or call us at 800.423.6644.