General Properties of Rubber Compounds

Need more detailed information about rubber compounds? Use this chart — which includes resistance ratings — to assist in selecting the right compound for your applications. Contact us with questions or with specific needs.

Standard Temperature Range -22°F to 212°F -60°F to 300°F -60°F to 220°F -40°F to 250°F -22°F to 300°F -50°F to 212°F -80°F to 450°F 5°F to 390°F
Compression Set Resistance A A A B A B B A
Resilience (Rebound) B B A B B B A B
Tear Strength B B A B A C NR B
Heat Aging Resistance C B C C B C A A
Ozone Resistance NR B NR B B NR A A
Grease & Oil Resistance B NR NR B B NR NR A
Fuel Resistance NR NR NR NR C NR NR B
Water Swell Resistance B A A C B A A B
Gas Impermeability B C C B B C NR B
Dynamic Service / Abrasion Resistance B B A B B A NR C
Very Good =A     Good = B     Average = C     Poor = NR / Not Recommended